WED 164 9kg

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You've never wished for more laundry. Then again, you've never had a washing machine like this Miele one. Kitted out with pre-ironing options (handy if you're tackling a mountain of school shirts), the automatic load sensor takes away the drama of choosing the right settings. CapDosing keeps clothes smelling fresh, and Smart connectivity lets you control it via your phone. Best of all though? It's super-efficient. Mother Nature says thanks. Freestanding Design This freestanding machine sits on its own, stacked or under the counter. You can place it anywhere where there's a connection, which means if you move house you can just disconnect and go. 1400rpm spin speed Spin speed refers to how quickly the drum can rotate in order to remove excess water out of clothes. The 1400rpm on this machine makes it ideal for doing everyday laundry, drying clothes just enough so that tees and shirts don't come out dripping wet whilst still ensuring not to damage the fabric. CapDosing helps extend the life of clothes Intelligent sensors calculate the precise amount of detergent and softener your laundry needs, protecting clothes from early ageing caused by overdosing. Wardrobe favourites maintain their colour, with cottons now resistant to tearing for up to three times longer. Honeycomb drum protects clothes Mile has cleverly made the drum with a smooth, web-like design to help protect laundry from pilling and laddering. Load laundry mid-wash Whether it's a pair of jeans, a blouse or just a sock: thanks to the AddLoad function, you can easily add any laundry items that you've forgotten - up until shortly before the end of the programme. This means you can add or remove items just for rinsing or spinning. Just press the 'Start/Add laundry' button and the door unlocks at the touch of a button. Automatic Load Adjustment Cleverly weighing each load automatically to provide a tailored cycle, the sensors adjust programme times precisely, ensuring optimum treatment for every garment. Your laundry comes out with that fresh, new feeling every time, plus you save water and energy. Quick Wash Cleans clothes in 20 Minutes It's Sunday night and you've just realised you forgot to wash the little one's school uniform. No worries: the quick wash option has you covered. Cleaning clothes in 20 minutes, the high-speed spin shortens drying times to ensure you'll never be short on a shirt or skirt. Delicates Programme Ideal for lingerie, lace or silk, the delicate programme keeps your more treasured clothes looking at their best. Wool friendly washing Who said washing your favourite knit had to be a pain? Saving you the time and hassle you would've spent cleaning it by hand, the special wool programme means you don't have to worry about dropping laundry off at the dry cleaners anymore. Winter just got that little bit easier. Timer Delay Function Want to keep your laundry smelling at its freshest? Use the time delay option to ensure you're not leaving your favourite tees and jeans damp in the washing machine for hours on end. You'll even be able to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates too

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